Kaveh site in the most strategic point of the country

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Introducing Kaveh site


After 28 years of gaining from mother nature & our nation, in order to perform part of our social responsibilities, we have decided to invest on logistic centers, not only for concentration of transaction costs, but also to produce value-added services for our customers / Principals / forwarders.

international transport companies Association of Iran

Having done the studies, found out 80% of population & industries are located on the north side of the line which connects Sarakhs (North-East) to Khoramshahr. (South-West)
We have also recognized the umpteenth opportunities accumulated at Kaveh Industrial city at a very geo-strategic location:

• It is out of Tehran province but very close, only 100 KM away from the capital

• In neighborhood of 7 provinces, there are more than 28 million population in those provinces

• Thousands producers are located in major industrial parks & zones within the 150 KM radius of this place.

We have negotiated with Kaveh Industrial City ( KIC ) authorities to pave the way for our engagement in order to connect available infrastructure such as :

– railway connection,
– customs presence,
– advantage of Special Economic Zone ( S.E.Z ),
– presence of big companies & producer brands,
– in cross road of North-South & West-East highway corridors

By adding Logistic know-how as well as investment for proper cargo & container handling equipment.

Moreover, possibility of transit 3,243 kind of goods without registration order to S.E.Z is substantial support to avoid cargo long stay at the ports or Bazargan customs or other Iranian ports, will be resulted in shortening time in cargo access and minimizing cargo storage cost & container detention especially in current situation.

In very first steps, branch establishment in special industrial zone in line of quantity and quality improvement in loading/unloading, transport services, has invested and contributed with establishment of required equipment & recruit capable staffs to commence the mission on 2019.
( Announcement of KAVEH logistics village introduction by Iran association of international transport)


Kaveh Special Economic Zone (20th km of Saveh – Tehran highway – 100 km from Tehran) with a population of more than 28 million.

Investment: expected IRR 900,000,000,000.-

Activity area:
Customs of Special Economic Zone and railway station (phase I)
Offering services to established factories (Phase II)

– Directly 50 persons
– About 100 persons, Indirectly

Phase I: (activity commence)
• 5x 3 Tons fork lifts (Jungheinrich + Aria)
• 1x4Tons fork lifts (Jungheinrich)
• 2x 5 Tons fork lifts(Jungheinrich + Aria)
• 1x 12 Tons fork lifts(SVETruck)
• 1 Reach stacker(KONE Cranes)
• 3 trailers and terminal tractor (Terberg + Dutchlanka)
• 2 paper roll clamps
• 1 drum stacker

Supplementary phases:
(Improvement of equipment on annual basis)
11×3 tons fork lifts
3×5 tons fork lifts
1 Reach stacker
2 cranes


– Making requirement to offer logistics services to forwarders and manufactures, cargo owners for completion of supply chain and minimizing transfer costs relying on unique capabilities of Kaveh logistics village and professional services
– Serving door to door operation for established sections at K.I.Z and factories up to 150 km distance
– Improvement of railway transportation share through cargos consolidate and obtaining incentives from railway companies
– Offering unique standard services by professional team
– Employment, improvement of human efficiency at logistics services
– Building empty container depot and reducing costs of importers through avoid containers return to the ports and improvement of costs for exporters
– Minimize the energy intensity consumption as a result of efficient management system of equipment control
– Minimizing containers turn-around time through integrated logistics operations and support of forwarders and traders