The company was registered in 1993 & received the license to act as a Shipping Agency from Ports & Maritime Organization ( PMO ) in 1995. Since then has been working in the field of shipping. Observing the needs of trade for continuation of service beyond the ports to neighboring countries & inland customs destination made us to obtain the license for International Transport in 2002 from Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization ( IRMTC ). In 2004 the agency of Wan Hai Lines ( WHL ) in Iran, the 12th Liner shipping co in the world, awarded to this company & since then playing a significant role in the country’s maritime transport & assist many industries to reach their cargo to destination in both direction of Import & Export. After the sanction in 2012 with sufficient reports we could have convinced our respected Principal to be the 1st liner calling BND more than a year before the so-called deal of JCPOA to be achieved on July the 21st, 2013 which had a positive result on balance sheet of the country, the 2nd liner decided to follow 8 month later. With almost 100,000 TEU annual activity, WHL could have fixed it’s ranking amongst the top 5 in BND

Services & Advantage
Over the years we tried hard to serve the small & big companies in both direction of import & export & act as a reliable Logistic wing for them. We focused on our business & by proper investment for necessary hardware & software could have paved the way for organization expansion basis the trade needs to serve our customer in different ports of Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Khorramshahr & BIK with a professional team. Believing in Integrated Services & knowing the forgotten / lost chains in Supply Chain of our valued customer made us to act as a pioneer for investment of 1st ICD ( Inland Container Depot ) in Tehran, the Capital. Rather than that we have invested to run the 1st Logistic Village to reduce the Transaction Cost of Iran trade by avoiding payment of hefty detention charges, storage in the ports, unnecessary vertical movements inside the ports, expensive road transportation to final destination, encourage the industry for less emission by utilizing rail services i/o truck, cargo availability after customs clearance much sooner and to help our Mother Nature by less energy consumption. With a business-centric approach, the company is proud to share its knowledge of international maritime transportation with local demands and logistics capabilities using skilled and professional staff, advanced information technology, global access and local operations. Strong to help dear customers to improve productivity in their supply chain.Observing the structural problems of the country’s logistics industry shows that the transportation services is intermittently or interrupted which causes the increase in vertical operations, as a result the costs will raise constantly without increasing efficiency. After consulting with the officials of the Ministry of Roads & Urban Development and Iran Customs authorities, the company’s board of directors decided for investing a B.O.T project for the 1st container depot outside the ports and in the capital to prevent part of MT container transportation towards BND port in partnership with Iran General Warehousing and Customs Services Company . 5 Hectare was developed & required machineries was purchased & is about to be inaugurated

Mission & Vision
Provide necessary advice and safe, quality services in the field of container shipping, order to gain the trust of the traders as our business partner & main runner of our services order to play a bigger & more efficient role in development of Logistic Industry of our beloved country Continuous feedback of customer satisfaction level with the provided services, in order to meet trade demand, with a better understanding of weaknesses and strengths